Respiratory Viral Epidemiology Group

The Respiratory Viral Epidemiology Group (RVEG) aims to increase knowledge about child pneumonia in general and the health effects of disease caused by respiratory viruses and use this to inform policy making on the control of respiratory infections.

Key funders of our work include

  • Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)
  • National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Sanofi Pasteur
  • US National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Respiratory Viral Epidemiology Group

Our group comprises of epidemiologists with active links with clinicians, virologists, infectious disease and evolutionary/transmission dynamics modelers.

Professor Harish Nair (Group leader)

Professor Harry Campbell (Group co-leader)

A summary of key projects from members and collaborators of the group.

We have a diverse group of collaborators both in Edinburgh and across the globe.

Key publications from group members and collaborators.