Advanced Care Research Centre (ACRC)

In February 2020 the University of Edinburgh and Legal & General announced a major partnership to improve understanding of care in later life and to revolutionise how it is delivered. The collaboration has established the Advanced Care Research Centre, (ACRC), a seven-year multi-disciplinary research programme and the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. Legal & General is the UK’s largest pension fund investor and a leading provider of retirement products.

Robot providing tablets to elderly patient


The Advanced Care Research Centre (Advanced Care Research Centre | The University of Edinburghis a new interdisciplinary centre which seeks to understand and improve care in later life. The ACRC has three cross-cutting themes including an Academy which will recruit 36 PhD students to an innovative four year PhD programme.

The four research themes include qualitative work to understand the person in context, use of routine and other data for insight and prediction, development and evaluation of new technologies of care, and integration of insights and technologies into new models of care.

Bruce Guthrie is the Director of ACRC, and Stewart Mercer is the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine Academy Deputy Director and lead for the New Models of Care workstream.

Funded by Legal and General for 60 months from September 2020.  Value £20,000,000.

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