Diabetes risk calculator

Description of the tool for health professionals

Hyperglycaemia during hospital admission is common among patients who are not known to have diabetes. This tool was developed to estimate the risk of subsequently developing type 2 diabetes in this group.


The tool was developed using data from national routine healthcare data systems among patients aged 40 years or older with an emergency admission to hospital. The predicted risk of developing incident type 2 diabetes during the 3 years following hospital discharge by admission glucose, age, and sex was obtained from regression models. These predicted risks are included in the risk chart and web calculators available at this site.

In interpreting these risks it is important to bear in mind that the results have not been validated in non-white populations or populations outside of Scotland.

More details

More details of the risk tool are available in the published article detailing these findings

McAllister DA, Hughes KA, Lone N, Mills NL, Sattar N, McKnight J, et al. Stress Hyperglycaemia in Hospitalised Patients and Their 3-Year Risk of Diabetes: A Scottish Retrospective Cohort Study. PLoS Med. 2014;11: e1001708 doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1001708.