Information on the student allocation process.

Student allocation process

The Timetabling Unit (TTU) operates full student allocation to whole class activities (e.g. lectures) and group activities (e.g. tutorials, laboratories and workshops). All allocated activities will appear on the students’ personalised timetables.


Timetabling Unit Managed Student Sub-Group Allocation

The Timetabling Unit conducts daily sub-group student allocation of agreed courses on behalf of the School. The TTU offers a variety of automated allocation methods:

Manual: students are individually and manually allocated by the TTU to specific sub-groups. This grouping information will be provided by the School to the TTU prior to the start date of allocation. This may be employed where self-sign-up is necessary or students need to be allocated by programme, status or ability. Note that where manual allocation is required, Schools must show there is a pedagogical reason for this method.

Manual 1st then Random: some students within the entire cohort taking a course may need to be allocated first before random allocation takes place.

Random: students are randomly allocated to groups. The TTU would be responsible for daily random subgroup allocation from an agreed start date.

It is also possible to feed timetabling student allocation information into the course LEARN groups. Schools confirm the feed at the same time as the student allocation method and allocation details.


Student Allocation Change Management

Students can request to change group through the Group Change Request Form. The online form is now open all year, although it can be closed after 3 weeks if it is no longer needed.

Please note that while the TTU team will do its utmost to make the change, there are cases where a change is not possible (for example when all the groups are full). If the change is absolutely necessary, the student will have to contact the School direct to discuss the change.

The Tutorial Change Form can be accessed here


If you require further assistance regarding student allocation, please contact timetabling@ed.ac.uk .