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Social Anthropology

Ema Kosova talks about her experience of studying at Edinburgh and why she chose to study social anthropology with us.

Ema Kosova

Ema Kosova

Ema Kosova is a 2nd year student studying MA Social Anthropology.

"What drew me to Edinburgh most was the mix of urban life and nature. The city is full of quirky cafés and bars, and is constantly alive with culture and entertainment."

My programme

"I initially applied to the Social Anthropology programme at the University of Edinburgh as it is one of the leading universities in the UK offering the subject.

After attending an Open Day, I was really impressed with many of the facilities, especially the modern Social and Political Sciences building where the anthropology department is based.

I also really liked the way the campus itself is integrated into the city but is still distinct as a university, which was the perfect combination for me personally.

So far, the biggest challenge has been learning how to conduct independent research and how to think critically about other works and ideas. Anthropological writing is very different to the essays I wrote in school, and I think it takes time and practice to adjust to and learn what is expected at university level."

My student experience

"I spent the last two years of school in Edinburgh and thought it would be a great place to stay for university – it’s big enough to have the buzz of a city but not so big that you feel lost.

Arthur’s Seat is literally on the University’s doorstep, with the Pentland Hills and Portobello Beach only a bus ride away. The city is also really well connected, making it easy to organise day trips to explore other parts of Scotland, or even weekend trips to Europe!

My favourite part of student life is being a part of societies and sports clubs. There are so many diverse societies on offer that I found it really hard to choose which ones to join – it’s very easy to get carried away! It’s such a great way to meet people that you wouldn’t otherwise come across.

As well as undertaking a particular activity, each society has plenty of socials which are always a lot of fun. I also love how easy it is to get involved with other activities, such as volunteering opportunities and student-led initiatives around the University. There truly is something for everyone."

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Student life


My support

"I really enjoy the freedom that comes with studying at Edinburgh; from the independence that students have in their studies and social life, to being able to get around nearly everywhere on foot.

However, I nevertheless feel like I am able to get support and guidance when I need it, either from my School, the Students’ Association, or through the Resident Assistants at student accommodation.

This has made the transition to independent university life a lot less daunting, and I am positive that I will continue to receive such support throughout my time here."

I feel like I am able to get support and guidance when I need it, either from my School, the Students’ Association, or through the Resident Assistants at student accommodation.

Ema Kosova2nd year, Social Anthropology (MA Hons)

My future

"Studying social anthropology has made me a lot more open-minded and aware of different perspectives on particular topics. Being understanding of others’ views will be a valuable trait for any future career, especially in a diverse society like the UK and most other countries today.

The programme is also teaching me to be a critical thinker, and I am beginning to understand the importance of not taking information at face-value, and instead considering other possible approaches to a particular idea or issue."

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