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Talia Sanders talks about her experience of studying at Edinburgh and why she chose to study music with us.

Talia Sanders

Talia Sanders

Talia Sanders is a 1st year student studying BMus Music.

"I chose Edinburgh because of the stunning city, excellent music opportunities, and the chance to live in a capital city that is buzzing and full of life but not too busy."

My programme

"I chose my programme because of Edinburgh's fantastic reputation for future careers in music.

I was interested in pursuing my passion for performance and composition, and also to explore the breadth of opportunities in music, including music psychology."

Settling in

"I was a bit worried about coming to university because lots of things in my life were about to change but I was also so excited about embarking on this new adventure. 

I chatted to a lot of friends who were going through the same process as me, as well as older friends who had already experienced the shift from living at home to away from home and was really encouraged.

I was also worried about being away from my family and experiencing homesickness but I have made a wonderful new family and friends here and I now love and appreciate my own family even more when I get to see them.

Overall, I was far more excited than worried because I am an adventurer and was ready for this next chapter of my life!"

I felt welcomed. The University was very mindful of how different and sometimes challenging it is to start something completely new and I know that I have the support there.

Talia Sanders1st year, Music (BMus)

My student experience

"I live in University halls at Warrender Park Road, which is an excellent location.

My friends are a lot more diverse as the city is very internationally friendly. It is so cool that you can study with people from all round the world.

I absolutely love the library because there is so much study space and an abundance of books, shelf after shelf. There are fabulous resources and it is a very student friendly place.

My view of everything was an understatement of reality! I’m loving this place so much!"

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Student life


 My support

"I keep in contact with my family which really helps during challenging times, but I also turn to my flatmates, who've turned out to be my best friends!

I remind myself to put everything into perspective and look at the big picture, being truly thankful that I can experience higher education and spend time with people who really appreciate me and will encourage me to take one step at a time."

My advice to new students

"Don’t assume that you will be able to have everything sorted! It’s totally OK to be finding out new things and learning on the go. It’s almost impossible to be completely prepared.

Change is good and independence is a privilege not a pressure - these years will truly be the best of your life.

I would definitely recommend using the University Services available, as they have been immensely helpful to me."

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