Undergraduate study - 2025 entry
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Degrees in: Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences


Scandinavian Studies (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) (MA) R600Scandinavian Studies and Classics (MA) QR86Scandinavian Studies and English Language (MA) QR36Scandinavian Studies and English Literature (MA) RQ63Scandinavian Studies and History (MA) RV61Scandinavian Studies and Linguistics (MA) RQ61Scandinavian Studies and Philosophy (MA) RV65Scandinavian Studies and Politics (MA) RL62Scandinavian Studies and Social Policy (MA) RL64Scandinavian Studies and Spanish (MA) RR64Scottish Ethnology (MA) V910Scottish Ethnology and Archaeology (MA) VV94Scottish Ethnology and Celtic (MA) VQ95Scottish Ethnology and English Language (MA) VQ93Scottish Ethnology and English Literature (MA) VQX3Scottish Ethnology and Scandinavian Studies (MA) VR96Scottish Ethnology and Scottish History (MA) VV92Scottish Literature (MA) Q531Scottish Literature and Classics (MA) QQH8Scottish Literature and History (MA) QVJ1Scottish Literature and Scottish History (MA) QV22Scottish Studies (MA) Q501Social Anthropology (MA) L600Social Anthropology and Politics (MA) LL62Social Anthropology and Social Policy (MA) LL64Social Anthropology with Development (MA) LL69Social Policy and Economics (MA) LL41Social Policy and Law (MA) LM41Social Policy and Politics (MA) LL42Social Policy and Sociology (MA) LL43Social Policy with Quantitative Methods (MA) 4T6HSocial Work (BSc) L500Sociology (MA) L300Sociology and Politics (MA) LL32Sociology and Psychology (MA) LC38Sociology and Social Anthropology (MA) LL36Sociology with Quantitative Methods (MA) 5S9KSpanish (MA) R410Spanish and Business (MA) RN41Spanish and Classics (MA) RQ48Spanish and English Literature (MA) RQ43Spanish and History (MA) RV41Spanish and History of Art (MA) RV43Spanish and Linguistics (MA) RQ41Spanish and Philosophy (MA) RV45Spanish and Politics (MA) RL42Spanish and Portuguese (MA) RR45Sport Management (BSc) NS30Sustainable Development (MA) HL23

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