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Continuing professional development courses 

Departments across the University offer a range of continuing professional development courses designed specifically for working individuals looking to advance their careers.

At the University of Edinburgh we know that, for many, learning continues once you are in employment, helping you achieve your potential and have an extraordinary career. That is why we offer a range of continuing professional development courses, specifically aimed at those in employment who:

  • need to stay up to date with changes in your industry
  • are looking to gain a promotion
  • want to upskill or learn something new that will benefit your career

To help you gain those skills and qualifications that will benefit your career, we offer courses for those working in:

  • business
  • data
  • education
  • law
  • medicine
  • veterinary medicine
  • clinical sciences 

These courses are taught on a part-time basis and are designed to be studied alongside employment and other life commitments. Some of these courses are also taught online, allowing you to study a University of Edinburgh course from anywhere in the world.  

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Clinical Sciences (Imaging)

Data and analytics (Bayes Centre)

Edinburgh Futures Institute (shaping your career, industry and our world for the future)

Education - professional development for teachers

Education - UCAS training for teachers

Law - training for the legal profession

Law - continuing professional development (online)

Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

Online postgraduate Degrees 

We also offer a range of online postgraduate degrees, certificates and diplomas, which can be beneficial to your career development. You can study to masters, diploma or certificate level, or take a short credit-bearing course. Studying a postgraduate degree, certificate or diploma is extremely flexible, allowing you to study conveniently around your busy schedule. The majority of our students are also working while they study online with us. 

Our online postgraduate programmes are internationally recognised and meet the same rigorous standards as those delivered on campus.  You will be taught by academics who are world-leading in their field and have access to our support services. You also become part of an online community of fellow students from around the world who are studying the same programme as you. 

The postgraduate programmes available for online study range include:

  • Carbon Management
  • Family Medicine
  • Information Technology Law
  • Philosophy, Science and Religion
  • Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia

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Short online courses 

If you don’t want to commit to postgraduate or CPD study, we offer a wide range of online short courses – and many of them are free of charge. Led by some of our top academics, subjects range from Philosophy to Football, from Data Science to Animal Welfare.  

All you need is access to a computer or mobile device so you can watch the lectures, follow the course materials, and participate in online forums where you will get help from a large community of fellow learners.  

Short online courses generally run for about five weeks and require one or two hours of study each week – although you can study when it suits you around other commitments. 

So whether you want to study to help you gain a promotion, learn a new skill, enhance your knowledge or for leisure, you can explore our short online courses.

Short online courses