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Applicants with criminal convictions

Having a criminal conviction doesn't need to stop you from studying at the University of Edinburgh.

We understand how powerful education can be in transforming lives, and we believe that having an unspent criminal conviction should not be an automatic barrier to studying at the University.

All applicants are assessed on the basis of their academic suitability for study.

Declaring a conviction

We will not ask you to disclose any criminal convictions when you apply to study with us, unless your chosen degree requires membership of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme. These degrees include nursing, social work, teaching or medicine.

We work closely with the police and the criminal justice social work team, and will take their advice on admissions conditions when it is relevant.

Scottish Government: PVG scheme

Talk to us in confidence

If you have an unspent conviction and are on license then we strongly encourage you to get in touch with us before you arrive in Edinburgh.

This will help us to understand the conditions of your license and work with you to ensure it will not stop you from finishing your degree.

You can contact our Head of Admissions for a confidential conversation about studying with a conviction.

Gillian Simmons

Head of Admissions

  • Student Recruitment and Admissions

Contact details

Support available to you

We can offer a range of support when you join us, if you think this would be helpful.

We can provide you with a mentor so that you have someone to talk to who knows about your background since this information will not be shared more widely.

We also offer student counselling and our Student Disability Service can help students with a wide range of conditions.

Student Disability Service

Student Counselling

Studying with a conviction