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Children of Employees Undergraduate Scholarships

The University of Edinburgh offers eligible employees the opportunity to apply to a scholarship programme which provides assistance in paying undergraduate tuition fee costs for their children.

Summary of Awards

One schoalrship will be available for a student commencing their programme of study in September 2023 to provide partial or full assistance (normally between 50%-100%) towards the University of Edinburgh’s undergraduate tuition fees. Subject to satisfactory progress, the scholarships are awarded for a maximum of five years of undergraduate study.

In order to be considered for a scholarship, a parent of the student must have been an employee of the University for at least one full year at the time of matriculation. For the purpose of this scholarship, employees are defined as those who have a contract of employment with the University issued by Human Resources and are paid through the main payroll. The student may be a first year applicant, transfer student, or a student already enrolled at the University.

Awards are only made towards tuition fees, and all government assistance towards tuition fees and other scholarship opportunities should be exhausted before applying for a “Children of Employees Undergraduate Scholarship”. The award is pro-rated for employees who work part-time, based on the 12 months ending on the first day of the academic session.

For successful applicants, the award will be renewed each year so as long as the employee’s dependent child is enrolled on a full-time undergraduate programme at the University of Edinburgh, and the student’s parent continues to be employed by the University on the relevant start date of the new academic session.


To be eligible, an employee’s child must attend the University of Edinburgh on a full-time basis and must be studying on an undergraduate degree programme. The scholarship will not cover second first degrees or repeat years of study.

Children of employees will be eligible to be covered under this scheme if one of their parents:

  • is an employee of the University of Edinburgh, and
  • has been an employee of the University of Edinburgh for at least one full year before the start of the academic session for which they are applying for a scholarship

And if the employee

  • is their mother, father, adopter, guardian or foster parent, or is married/civil partner to or the partner of the child’s mother, father, adopter, guardian or foster parent, and
  • has/has had responsibility for the child’s upbringing

Note: 'Partner’ here means a person (whether of different or the same sex) who has lived with the child and the mother, father, adopter, guardian or foster parent in an enduring relationship but who is not a relative.

The scholarship is only for students studying at the University of Edinburgh. Applications will not considered from employees whose children are studying at another institution.

Changes in employment Status

If an employee ceases employment at the University (other than due to death in service), the scholarship will not be renewed for the next academic session.

If a staff member dies while still an employee of the University, the scholarship will continue to be offered until the completion of their child’s undergraduate degree programme.

At the start of each academic session, Scholarships and Student Funding Services staff will liaise with HR colleagues to verify the parents’ employment status before renewing awards for the new academic session.

Application Procedure

Eligible employees should complete and online application on behalf of their child.

We are no longer accepting any scholarship applications as the closing date of the 15th July has passed.

Notification of Award

Applications will be considered by the relevant College Registrar or their representative who will assess applications from employees in their College.

Following selection, Scholarships and Student Funding Services will inform applicants of the outcome of their application and make the necessary award payments towards tuition fees.


For more details on this award please contact Scholarships and Student Funding Services.

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