Scholarships and Student Funding

Financial Support - Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Closure of Financial Support for Coronavirus (Covid-19)

These funds can be used to cover any exceptional costs students may have incurred in relation to accommodation, subsistence, and travel.




The University has been able to assist many students since we launched in March.   As of 18 November, the Scholarships and Student Funding team have processed a total of 4285 applications. This is in comparison to an average of 950 applications for hardship across the academic year. 

Final Breakdown of Applications
  Successful Applications Rejected Applications
College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 2168 702
College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine 220 67
College of Science and Engineering 837 288
Grand Total 3228 1057

Total funds paid out to students - £1,827,397.68.  


The below comments, show how this fund has helped some of those students who have recieved support during these unprecedented times:


"I would express my gratitude for all of your precious work and effort to provide this substantial help.  Regardless the granted award cannot completely cover the total amount of extensive expenses that the pandemic (and respective preparation) coerced on my living arrangements, I am very grateful for this contribution. And so, I do highly appreciate the fact you are seeking for the best and the maximum possible funding arrangement based on the given limitations and individual needs."


"This is amazing news! Thank you so much for your response and assistance throughout these difficult times."


"Your financial support at this time will make a huge difference in my current circumstances, so thank you for your work in securing this."


"Thank you so much for your consideration. This really means a lot to me and helps me a lot out of the difficult situation. Thank you again! "


"Thank you very much for your financial help. I was hoping for a bigger funding but I can understand many students probably are in the same situation. I really appreciate your help and your willing to protect me from a lot of financial issues."


"Thanks for your help and support, this fund gives me more flexibility to arrange the expense. I will make good use of it and spend the rest two months in Scotland safely"


"I just receive the message that I have been granted an award for the COVID-19 financial support. It is so helpful for me, thank you again for your constant help."


"Thank you very much for your generosity ."


Further information 

If you have been affected by the current COVID-19 situation, University guidance is available from