Student Disability Service

Support we provide

We can offer a range of support based on your individual needs and how your disability, learning difference or health condition affects your studies.

Support can be provided in a variety of ways:

Schedule of Adjustments

A list of modifications to how you experience your teaching and learning.  Examples could include sitting exams in a smaller room, extra time on short loan or reserve books, no penalties for poor spelling, grammar or structure in exams, tasks to be broken down into smaller chunks if requested.  This information is circulated to relevant staff in the Library, the Exams Team and your School, as necessary.  The reason for the adjustments is generally not shared, unless it is vital for the implementation of effective support.

1:1 Specialist Support

We can engage professional staff to work with you on a 1:1 basis delivering specialised types of support such as Manual or Electronic Notetaking, Specific Learning Differences Tuition or Mental Health Mentoring.  You can find more information about the support provided by Mental Health and Autism Mentors here. 

Specialist Proofreading

We provide specialist proofreading support in some circumstances for students with significant difficulties.  For the vast majority of students software such as Grammarly, LanguageTool and Ginger are effective and sufficient.  We recommend students trial applications such as these in the first instance.

Provision of Assistive Technology

We can ensure that you are provided with the assistive equipment, software and technology that you need in order to be able to study effectively.  This may include ergonomic equipment, assistive applications or equipment such as digital voice recorders.

Postgraduate Research Support

For information about the support available to postgraduate research (PGR) students click here.