Staff Health and Wellbeing Hub

Eating healthy at the University

The University of Edinburgh is committed to the promotion and provision of healthy eating choices.

Accommodation Services

Accommodation Services provide and actively promote healthy food and drink options in their catering outlets, for which they currently hold a number of healthy eating awards.

  • Food for the Brain
  • Eat Safe
  • Healthy Living

The Accommodation Services website provides further details about these healthy Eating Awards.

Healthy Living Award

The University of Edinburgh is committed to sustainable food practices. Our Good Food Policy takes a whole institution approach to food and its connection to health and sustainability.

King’s Buildings

The College of Science and Engineering provide details about catering at Kings Buildings

In-house catering facilities

For those unable to access Accommodation Services catering facilities or who prefer to bring in their own food, kitchen areas are available throughout the University.

Vending machines

If you have a vending machine in your School or building and feel healthier options would be beneficial, ask the local School Administrator to contact the supplier of the vending machine products to request healthier options. Some ideas include:

  • water (still, carbonated, flavoured)
  • unsweetened fruit juices
  • fruit smoothies
  • yoghurt drinks
  • fresh / dried fruit
  • products lower in sugar, fat or salt
  • unsalted nuts, crisps and snacks
  • oven baked snacks
  • pretzels
  • crackers
  • cereal bars
  • lower fat biscuits or cakes
  • muffins