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Lunchtime walks

Details about University supported lunchtime walking groups


Regular brisk walking is a cheap, accessible and effective way to achieve better health and wellbeing. As little as 15-25 minutes of lunchtime walking is a good way to relax and re-energise and as it is relatively gentle, there is a low injury risk and no need to have a shower. Walking groups also provide an opportunity to catch up with and make new friends.

University Walking Groups

The University and Paths for All have joined forces to promote walking amongst staff.

Paths for All is a national organisation which recognises the importance of encouraging walking in the workplace. They provide support and guidance which allow groups to be established and maintained.

Lunchtime walks at the University

If you're interested in walking at lunchtimes you might like to go along to a University of Edinburgh walking group. These short walks (20-25 minutes) take place at different locations around the campus.

Lunchtime Walking Group Times
Area Day Time Leaving from Walk Leader
Little France Campus Thursday 12:30 Chancellors Building Reception, Little France Marie Craigon

If you would like further information regarding any of the above groups please contact the Walk Leaders directly.

Become a Walk Leader

The University provides the opportunity for staff to be trained as a Workplace Walk Leader, and will pay for staff wishing to attend a half-day Walk Leader course.

Further details for those interested in becoming a Workplace Walk Leader are available below.

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