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Background information on the website including aims, content, contributors, funding details and contact for further information.

Aims of the website

The University recognises that there are considerable organisational benefits to be gained from taking a positive approach to the health and wellbeing of staff. As such it is committed to developing a working environment and working practices which help maintain and improve staff mental and physical health.


This website was developed to provide an accessible site from which staff can access a variety of information on health and wellbeing issues. The majority of this information already exists on websites across the University but this site will hopefully bring relevant information together, making it easier to find.

Through provision of information that is more easily accessible, users will be able to use this resource for self-help purposes. Managers and support service units such as the Occupational Health Unit and Staff Counselling will also be able to refer people here as and when necessary so that they have immediate access to support in times of need. By this route, it is hoped that staff may be empowered and more confident in their perceived ability to cope.


The Health and Wellbeing Website was developed primarily by the Health and Safety Department in conjunction with the Occupational Health Unit and Human Resources. Other areas involved include the Centre for Sport and Exercise, the Transport Office, Energy and Sustainability Office, Accommodation Services and the Chaplaincy.

12S Funding

The project to create and develop a Health and Wellbeing website for staff at this University was largely funded by a 12S grant from NHS Lothian Mental Health and Well Being Team. 12S is a NHS Scotland project, housed within the Mental Health and Well Being Team. It’s purpose is to promote mental health in Colleges and Universities within Lothian.

The University is extremely grateful to all at the NHS Lothian Mental Health and Well Being Team for believing that this was a worthwhile project and for financially supporting this work.


This website is maintained by the Health and Safety Department. Please contact Karen Darling with enquiries or suggestions.

Karen Darling

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