Student-Led, Individually-Created Courses


Information for staff interested in SLICCs

The SLICCs framework is highly flexible and can recognise:

  • Diverse types of experience including work experience, volunteering, independent research and study, group work, outreach activities, applying theory to professional practice, and more.
  • All levels of study from pre-honours to PhD-level courses, covering SCQF Levels 7 to 12.

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Get hands-on and learn about SLICCs

One of the best ways to learn about SLICCs as a staff member is to get hands-on experience as a SLICC tutor.

Setting up your own SLICC

Overview of the resources and support available to set-up and run a SLICC

Publications and talks on SLICCs

Overview of some of the publications and talks about SLICCs.

Examples of courses using the SLICCs framework

Details and links to a range of courses that use the SLICCs framework

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