Ruminant functional genomics

Grants and awards

Current research funding and awards

Research funding as principal investigator (*or co-PI where Roslin is not the lead institute)

2019-2022 BBSRC New Investigator Award 'Empowering sheep breeding by identifying variants associated with growth traits using allele-specific expression' £525,175

2019-2023 H2020 SFS-30 FAANG Agri-Aqua Labs ‘BovReg - Identification of functionally active genomic features relevant to phenotypic diversity and plasticity in cattle’ €6 million (*Co-PI - £328,234)

2018-2019 Institute Strategic Programme Pump Priming Grant ‘Profiling Open Chromatin in Developing Pig Muscle’ £14,523

2017-2020 USDA NIFA Tools and Resources Grant Ovine FAANG Project $500,000 (*Co-PI - £45,750)

2017-2018 BBSRC Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Impact Accelerator Award ‘Genotyping and Phenotyping the sheep flock at Kapiti Ranch Nairobi for GI Helminth Resistance’ £34,072

2017-2018 BBSRC GCRF Data and Resources ‘Developing genotyping tools for Cameroon sheep as a model for understanding the genetic basis of trypanotolerance in small ruminants in West Africa.’ £83,750


Research funding as co-investigator

2019-2022 BBSRC Bioinformatics and Biological Resources Fund 'Ensembl - adding value to animal genomes through high quality annotation' £453,680 (PI Alan Archibald)

2018-2021 Dogs Trust Canine Welfare Project ‘A Reference Genome to Empower Canine Health Research’ £199,936 (PI Jeff Schoenebeck)

2016-2017 BBSRC GCRF Data and Resources ‘Population Sequencing of Tropically Adapted Sheep’ £112,250

2016-2017 BBSRC GCRF Data and Resources ‘Population Sequencing of African Goats’ £219,394


Research funding awarded to other group members

Mazdak Salavati - 2019 BBSRC Impact Acceleration Account Flexible Talent Mobility Award ‘Creation of digital analytical platforms to maximise the impact of ‘BigData’ from livestock’ 3 month placement with WYOMING International £17,860