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Music archive embraces fresh takes on tradition

Lori Watson plays the violin.
Dynamic contemporary works by Scottish folk musicians are to be widely shared, thanks to a recently launched initiative informed by Edinburgh researchers.

Maternal care insights point to risks of critical illness

Pregnant women who are admitted to intensive care in Scotland are 12 times more likely to experience a stillbirth, a study shows.

Global scale of deaths caused by pollution laid bare

Environmental pollution is causing almost nine million premature deaths each year, according to a global study that highlights the health threats of climate change and man-made pollutants.

Experts address single-use plastics in healthcare

Medical waste including gloves, syringes and face masks viewed inside a hospital bin
A £5.9m initiative is seeking to address the growing problem of waste and pollution from medical supplies that are used once then discarded.

Satellite images provide early glimpse of telescope’s potential

Images of the Universe released from the early stages of a European satellite mission demonstrate the technology’s potential to reveal secrets of the cosmos.

Solution to ancient astronomy puzzle to aid solar storm warnings

A composite image capturing variations in the sun's magnetic field over a decade shows varied activity on its surface.
Scientists have unlocked a vital clue in a solar mystery that has intrigued astronomers, including the great Galileo, for some 400 years.

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