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New method could cut waste from drug production

Scientists have developed a sustainable new way of making complex molecules, which could greatly reduce waste produced during drug manufacturing, a study suggests.

National centre to tackle rare lung diseases

Young boy sat on sofa using breathing equipment with mask
A £9.4 million collaborative research centre will accelerate improved tests, treatments and potentially cures for thousands of people living with rare respiratory diseases.

Dementia patients at risk from antipsychotic drugs

Use of antipsychotic drugs in people with dementia is associated with higher risks of a range of serious health outcomes compared with non-use, according to a study.

Pioneering research wins prestigious EU funding

Ambitious projects in the fields of astronomy, nuclear astrophysics and medicine are to be supported by highly coveted research awards.

Centres train graduates to meet UK future challenges

Six training centres are to develop the next generation of highly skilled graduates in areas of critical importance, including clean energy and future computing.

£20m boost for drive to improve child safety

World-leading researchers have been given a major boost in the battle to safeguard vulnerable children.

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