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Solution to ancient astronomy puzzle to aid solar storm warnings

A composite image capturing variations in the sun's magnetic field over a decade shows varied activity on its surface.
Scientists have unlocked a vital clue in a solar mystery that has intrigued astronomers, including the great Galileo, for some 400 years.

Global pairing aims to thwart child exploitation

An international research partnership has been launched to step up the worldwide effort to safeguard vulnerable children.

Research initiative to build collaborative and creative AI futures

A £2.4 million initiative has been launched to help organisations develop solutions for pressing questions around the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Study pinpoints cell that helps liver heal

Medical 3D illustration of male body with outline of internal organs. The liver is highlighted in orange.
A type of cell responsible for repairing damaged liver tissue has been uncovered for the first time by scientists.

Inherited traits can be overstated, study shows

Behavioural similarities between parents and their offspring are less marked than is often suggested, a study shows.

New method could cut waste from drug production

Scientists have developed a sustainable new way of making complex molecules, which could greatly reduce waste produced during drug manufacturing, a study suggests.

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