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Adults face health threat from lack of physical activity

Almost 1.8 billion adults are at risk of illnesses such as heart disease, type-2 diabetes and some cancers owing to a lack of physical activity – and the situation is getting worse, a report suggests.

Data experts urge action on children’s sport

Data science specialists are shaping a Scotland-wide initiative that encourages more young people to take up sport and exercise.

Researcher recognised for revolutionary cancer vaccine

A leading scientist whose discoveries led to the world’s first vaccine for cervical cancer has received a prestigious award from the University of Edinburgh.

Cutting processed meat intake brings health benefits

Reducing consumption of processed meat by around one-third could prevent more than 350,000 cases of diabetes in the US over 10 years, a study suggests.

£25m policing boost for global child safety bid

An international research alliance that seeks to safeguard vulnerable children has been boosted by a record investment in cross-border policing.

Gardening linked to staying sharp in later life, study finds

Taking up gardening is associated with improved thinking skills in older age, research shows.

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