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Modern Apprentice Programme at IRR

Scott Sutherland and Kelly Douglas share how Modern Apprenticeships have been a rewarding opportunity for the IRR.

IRR has been an enthusiastic supporter of the University of Edinburgh Modern Apprenticeship scheme, having had 3 successful Modern Apprentices over the past few years.

Scott Sutherland, joined IRR in September 2022 as Administrative Assistant Modern Apprentice.

Scott has been a fantastic addition to our team and has recently been promoted to HR Administrator.  He recently featured in a video to promote the programme, with his manager Kelly Douglas.

Video: Modern Apprentice Programme at IRR
We have created a video to help you understand what is involved when recruiting a Modern Apprentice, and hear directly from Modern Apprentices currently working at the University about the benefits the experience has brought them.

Scott has brought to the team a real fresh approach and enthusiasm, which is something that, coming from a young person, really does help the team as a whole. He's matured over time, which has been brilliant for me to see and the team to see, which has allowed us to engage him further with higher responsibilities for things such as activities and events that he can own.

Kelly DouglasCentre Postgraduate Programmes Coordinator, Institute for Regeneration and Repair

During my Modern Apprenticeship, there have been many valuable and transferable skills that I have learnt and therefore can take these into my future career.

Scott SutherlandAdministrative Assistant Modern Apprentice, Institute for Regeneration and Repair

Hiring a Modern Apprentice is a great way to bring new talent and creativity into teams, address skills gaps and free up existing staff to take on more or different responsibilities. Not only does the programme offer young people an excellent professional opportunity to begin their career at the University, but it has proven an invaluable experience for the Institute’s administrative team.

We wish him the best in this new role and are appreciative that the Modern Apprentice Scheme could pave the way for this next step in his career.

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