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Sally Lowell receives Wolpert Medal

Professor Sally Lowell has been awarded the 2024 Wolpert Medal by the British Society for Developmental Biology (BSDB).

The medal, named in honour of Lewis Wolpert, a developmental biologist renowned for distilling intricate research topics and engaging students, was presented to Professor Lowell for her extraordinary contributions to the teaching and communication of Developmental Biology.

The Wolpert Medal's design includes various different model organisms.
The medal's design includes various different model organisms that Lewis Wolpert worked with through his career; including Hydra, chick limbs and sea urchins.

She is a fabulous role model to all young scientists of how to be both collegiate and kind as well as an exceptional scientist.  We think she is someone who is worthy of the Wolpert medal through the numerous ways she enables and facilitates cross communication and success in others in our field, and we know she would be a fantastic ambassador for the BSDB.

 British Society for Developmental Biology
Sally Lowell portrait
Professor Sally Lowell

As meeting secretary for the BSDB for many years, Sally led numerous successful initiatives and programmes. She was dedicated to diversity, inclusivity and sustainability and pioneered a challenging and exceptional cross-continent congress.

Sally’s contribution to the scientific community extends beyond her roles at BSBD and the Centre for Regenerative Medicine. The awards acknowledges her many and diverse responsibilities in education initiatives, advisory groups and outreach programmes as well as the instigation of several public engagement exhibitions.

I am delighted and honoured to receive this award, particularly given that it recognises contributions to facilitating communication and cooperation within the biology community, something that is very close to my heart. I’m grateful to all the wonderful supportive colleagues that I’ve worked alongside over the years.

Sally LowellPersonal Chair of Stem Cell Biology and Early Development, Centre for Regenerative Medicine

Sally will be giving her Wolpert Medal tour lectures in the upcoming months.

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