Reflection Toolkit

Where to start when facilitating reflection

Information and considerations about whether reflection will improve your course and how to go about introducing it.

Should I use reflection in my initiative?

Information and considerations about where reflection can be helpful. This will help you to decide if reflection is right for your initiative. Whatever your decision, next steps are provided.

How do I introduce reflection?

If you have decided to use reflection in your initiative and may already have found an appropriate implementation method, one of the next questions is how to successfully introduce it to your reflectors.

Authenticity and reflection as performance – reflection with an audience

When facilitating reflection, authenticity and the reflectors’ true self and individual way of reflecting is often discussed and put as a pedestal for good practice. In reality, we need to be much more aware of the audience the reflection is produced for – which in many cases is us as facilitators. This page explores some of the key points.