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Considerations and information about how to implement reflection into courses, workshops, and other initiatives.

If you have made your way onto this part of the platform it suggests that you are considering reflection and might even want to include it in an initiative you are running. Maybe you are already facilitating reflection and you want make the process easier. In either case, this part of the Reflection Toolkit contains information and considerations that are valuable for facilitating reflection in others, particularly in an educational context. 


Reflection or critical reflection is:

the conscious examination of past experiences, thoughts and ways of doing things.  Its goal is to surface learning about oneself and the situation, and to bring meaning to it in order to inform the present and the future.  It challenges the status quo of practice, thoughts and assumptions and may therefore inform our decisions, actions, attitudes, beliefs and understanding about ourselves.

Reflection can be used for many things including: 

  • Allowing us to improve our own practice to gain better outcomes in the future
  • Increasing/improving our performance and skills
  • Increasing our awareness of our abilities and attributes and our evidence for these
  • Developing and expanding our employability
  • Evaluating the quality and success of our action plans
  • Applying theoretical knowledge/frameworks to real experiences and using this to expand our understanding of the underlying theory.


Quick links:  Are you looking for a particular topic, or new to the Reflection Toolkit and not sure where to begin?  Use the links below to guide you to some useful starting points, or watch the video for a quick overview.  

The sections below the video explore this in more detail with information, advice, and actions you can take.

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Key topics

Video: Reflection Toolkit - Introduction for facilitators
An introduction to the Reflection Toolkit for facilitators.

Where to start when facilitating reflection

Information and considerations about whether reflection will improve your course and how to go about introducing it.

Assessing reflection

On this page you can find information and considerations about assessing reflection and providing feedback.

Components of reflective tasks: ways/modes of reflecting, structure, and type of assessment

Guidance on designing the three main components of any reflective task and further links.

Case studies of reflective practice in the University

A series of case studies from initiatives within the University showcasing how reflective practice is being used.

New here? Where to begin.

Not sure where to start? We have some suggestions!

Key topics in the Facilitators' Toolkit

A summary of key topics covered in the Facilitators’ Toolkit and where to find them.