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Name Role Business unit(s)
Agustina Salis Torres UG Student
Lisa Salisbury Research Investigator
Sarah Salisbury Research Fellow
Professor Rustam Al-Shahi Salman Professor of clinical neurology
Gareth Salmon Researcher
Sian Salmon Teaching Fellow in Dance Science and Education
Sian Salmon (PhD Research Student)
David Salter Lecturer
Professor Donald Salter
Ruth Salter
Micol Salvetto Research Fellow
Dr Ana Salzberg Senior Lecturer in Film Studies | Programme Director of MSc Film Studies
Dr Neshika Samarasekera Consultant neurologist, NHS Lothian; NRS Research Fellow and Stroke Association Senior Clinical Lecturer
Rahul Sambaraju Lecturer
Chelsea Sambells PhD History
Dr Natalia Samoilova Russian language tutor
Mrs Annabel Samson Lead Programme Administrator (History Honours)
Corinne Samuelson
Ryan San diego VPG Psychology
Pablo San Martín Myth and Enlightenment: Necessity, History, and Agency in Shelley's Poetry and Prose