Norah Alali (PhD student)

Thesis title: Exploring the attitudes of coaches towards the adoption of various theoretical learning models in exercises designing


A Research Assistant at PAAET (The Public Authority of Applied Education and Training) - Kuwait.

I had my master's degree at Bangor University.

Member in EREPS from 2021


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  • Bachelor of education specialized in physical education - The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, The College of Basic Education - Department of physical education (2010), Kuwait.
  • Master degree at Bangor university - 2021.
  • Diploma of a personal trainer and sport sciences – from ISS INSEP PRO, ereps and European Union. à Member in EREPS from 2021.
  • International Computer Driving License - ICDL (2021)

Research summary

My research interests encompass skill acquisition, skill development, decision-making by teachers/coaches about teaching/coaching methods, and movement analysis. I focus on investigating efficient processes and techniques in teaching/coaching and how to develop skills or enhance beginner performance. This interdisciplinary research encompasses motor control, motor learning, coaching, sports psychology, and movement analysis.

Alali, N.N., Carson, H.J., & Collins, D. (in press). A pragmatic approach to skill acquisition for physical education: Considering cognitive and ecological dynamics perspectives. Quest.