Professor Dave Collins (PhD C.Psychol C.Sci FSMA AFBPsS FBASES)

Professorial Fellow in Human Performance Science


Professorial Fellow at the University of Edinburgh and Director at Grey Matters Performance Ltd. As an academic, Dave has over 350 peer review publications and 70 books/chapters.  As apractitioner, he has worked with over 80 World or Olympic medallists plus professional teams and performers.  Dave has coached to national level in three sports, is a 5th Dan Karate, Director of the Rugby Coaches Association, Fellow of the Society of Martial Arts and BASES, Associate Fellow of the BPS and an ex Royal Marine.


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Cert Ed. B.Ed MSc PG.Dip Counselling PhD

Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Current PhD students supervised

  1. Helen Alfano

    Optimising interdisciplinary management in performance support

    1/10/19 → …

  2. Andrew Burns

    Interdisciplinarity in high performance sport science

    1/10/19 → …

  3. Rosie Collins

    Examining theoretical dichotomies in human performance science

    8/10/19 → …

  4. Paul Downes

    PJDM in Strengthand Conditioning

    1/10/19 → …

  5. Andy Grech

    Examining and enhancing teh performance sport system in Malta

    1/10/19 → …

  6. Jen Harris

    Developing an evidence-based support package for sporting parents

    1/10/19 → …

  7. Bernadette Kellermann

    Emotion and performance

    1/10/20 → …

  8. Urvi Khasnis

    Exploring and enhacing performance in Indian sport

    1/10/19 → …

  9. Matthew Layton

    Management systems in Professional Football Academies

    1/10/20 → …

  10. Alice Mees

    PJDM and adaptive expertise in adventures sports coaches

    1/01/20 → …

  11. Jack Moran

    A curriculum approach to talent development training

    1/10/20 → …

  12. Amy Price

    Applying a video games approach to coaching football

    1/10/19 → …

  13. Erin Sanchez

    Undetsanding and optimising talent development in dance

    1/10/19 → …

Future students (1)

  1. Chris Ytterboel

    Applying performance psychology to combat athletes

    1/01/21 → …

Past PhD students supervised

  1. Rosie Collins

    Fully Matriculated: Doctoral

    Supervisor 50%

    1/10/19 → 8/10/21

  2. Jamie Taylor

    Successfully achieved an award: Doctoral

    Snakes and Ladders: A Critical Examination of Blocks in the Talent Pathway


Research summary

Performer and Coach Development, Expertise, Human Performance, Psychophysiology

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