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Name Role Business unit(s)
Professor Rowena Arshad CBE, FEIS Professor Emerita
Noive Arteche Villasol Post-doctoral Researcher
Colin Arthur Student Support Officer
Ines Aščerić-Todd Head of Department, Lecturer in Arabic and Middle Eastern Cultures
Kate Ash-Irisarri Lecturer in Late Medieval Scottish & English Literature
Mrs Lindsey Ashburner Veterinary Nurse (Day Rotation)
Jim Ashe Director of Innovation, CSE Bayes Centre, Director of Commercialisation and Industry Engagement, School of Informatics
Dr Sinead Ashe Senior Teaching Fellow
Lewis Ashman PhD student – History
James Ashmore
Candice Ashmore-Harris Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Jordan Ashworth PhD Student
Marjan Asi From La Hukma illa Lilla to Khalifat Allah: The Evolution of Quietism in Early Islam
Vahid Aslanzadeh Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Adrienne Assmus Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Joanne Astbury College Advancement Officer
Ian Astley Senior Lecturer in Japanese (retired)
Courtney Astrom
Ayça Atabey
Ashikin Atan PhD Student