Dr Andy Law

Group Leader/Senior Research Fellow

Research summary

The development of simple-to-use systems for handling and reformatting data for genetic analyses.

Current research interests

My group works to develop tools and resources for biologists to use in their research exploring the genome and the genetics and genomics of complex traits in farmed and companion animals. Examples of our work include the ArkDBdatabase system and the resSpecies system which hold information pertaining to published genetic linkage maps and provide a means of handling raw experimental data from genetic linkage mapping, QTL mapping and association studies. Websites resSpecies is a web-based system designed to handle data from genetic linkage mapping, quantitative trait locus (QTL) mapping and genetic association studies. It is implemented as a java web application running on top of a postgres database management system. The system is free to use for academics - we provide username/password-based protection of data to restrict access to colaborators and are currently developing the system to provide post-publication access to accession-based data sets in order to simplify the publishing and data-sharing process. You can try out the system for yourself at the resSpecies website

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