Annual Review 2015/16


Examples of the University's teaching, research, commercialisation and outreach activities.

Exploring the boundaries of next-generation robotics

Professor Sethu Vijayakumar with the Valkyrie robot.
Robotics researchers are paving the way for the first footsteps on Mars, and making advances that could help save lives on Earth.

Looking beyond borders: student initiatives help those most in need

Dr Liita Iyaloo Cairney standing on a beach
Undergraduate innovation is helping refugees in Greece, and bringing comfort and confidence to women in Namibia

Creating a regenerative revolution for Parkinson’s disease

Dr Tilo Kunath
Ten years of painstaking research has opened to door to safe new stem-cell treatments for a range of degenerative diseases

Our pioneers: 60 years of excellence in nursing education

Enlightened thinking at the University since the 1950s has changed the way nursing is taught and regarded today

Incubating research to bring global success for our graduates

Abesh Thakur and Varun Nair Annual Review 2015_16
How University support has helped two innovative graduates turn their technical idea into a virtual reality.

Reframing the global debate on child protection

Annual Review 2015-16, University of Edinburgh, child protection, Dr Deborah Fry
Collaborative research and a spirit of openness are helping to put child protection policy into practice worldwide

Launching a new Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security

A new Global Academy is bringing experts together to find solutions to the world's key food issues.

Supporting student volunteering that forms lasting friendships

Cathy Kitchen in the Annual Review 2015_16
Introducing the University of Edinburgh student volunteers who are forming lasting friendships while contributing to the community.

Driving the global fight against antimicrobial resistance

Till Bachmann Annual Review 2015_16
Researchers are joining forces to improve the diagnosis of infectious diseases and tackle the rise of the untreatable superbug.