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The weeks running up to the end of term can be stressful. To help you tackle the revision period, we’ve created a list of tips to support you during the lead up to the exams.

Plan, plan, plan


Create a revision plan for each day and break it down into shorter, more digestible chunks. Choose different subjects for each revision session and reward yourself with regular breaks. 

Find a quiet space

Make sure to revise somewhere you won’t be interrupted. Remove further distractions by turning your phone off and logging out of social media.

Stay hydrated

Don’t forget to top up your water bottle! Mild dehydration can lead to tiredness, headaches and reduced concentration. Check out the free water points across the University.

Reach out for support

You’re not alone – its exam time and everyone’s in the same boat. Those on your course are a great place to turn to if you’re unsure of something or just need to fact check. Take a look at your course or School’s social media groups where you can post a question or share ideas. Even drop your friends a text – group studying can be a great way to bounce ideas off each other and learn some new study techniques!

Get your sleep

You might think a night out at the Big Cheese is the best idea to de-stress, but it certainly won’t help you focus on your revision the next day! Develop a regular routine and don’t stay up too late revising the night before your exams.

You’re not you when you’re hungry

Looking to be on top form? Make sure to get your energy with a hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner before you start your revision.

Stay active

Create time for exercise. It will increase your body’s production of endorphins which in turn helps create a happier and healthier mood. Not sure if you’ll have time to keep active? Even a short and brisk walk can help focus your thoughts!

Ask for help

Our staff are here to support you. If you still can’t get your head around a certain course topic or just need some advice, check out your school’s webpages to see what further support they can offer you. 

Don’t let stress get on top of you

Anxiety around the exam period is a normal feeling for most of us. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we have a variety of facilities and services to support you:

Health and Wellbeing website Information on health and wellbeing, as well as contact details for specific support services
Advice Place Edinburgh University Students’ Association’s free and impartial advice on a wide range of matters, including money-related issues, housing, academic concerns, harassment and complaints.
Student counselling A free and confidential service available to all students, offering a range of self-help and in-person support.
Foundation for Positive Mental Health’s Feeling Good App This free self-help app can support increased wellbeing and recovery from stress, worry and low mood.

Big White Wall An anonymous online support network service available 24/7 and guided by trained professionals.

Instagram competition

Now that you’ve read our top tips, we want to see your strategies for surviving the revision period.

From Wednesday 24 April, head over to Instagram and take part in our compeition photos with the hashtag #EdUniRevision and tag the @edinburghuniversity Instagram page. Three people will win University of Edinburgh-branded glass Keepcups!

The competition will close at 23:59 on 10 May 2019. Terms & Conditions apply, make sure to read the competition rules carefully.

Instagram Revision photo competition terms and conditions

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