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Exam stress busting

As the December exams approach, take some time to think about how you can make this time as stress free as possible.

Challenge negative thoughts

Set realistic goals as you revise - reward yourself when you meet these targets and don’t stress about an unobtainable level of perfection. If you start to feel stressed, try to challenge those negative thoughts by focusing on positives and previous successes.

Try the ‘stop’ technique

If you find yourself beginning to panic at any point during revision time or even during an exam, there are various relaxation techniques that will help. See page 8 of this guide for details of the ‘stop’ technique:

Stay healthy

It’s easy to revert to junk food when you’re studying intensively - but try to make sure you eat well, get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly. All of these things will make your studying more productive.

Chill out on campus

Remember to take breaks and make time for relaxing and socialising too. During November and December, there are some great stress-busting events at King’s Buildings and around the Central Area including massage sessions, Tai Chi tasters and the opportunity to meet some cute canines on your study breaks.

Reduce exam day anxiety

When exam day arrives, don’t let anxiety get the better of you. Make sure you know exactly where your exams are this year. See the Student Information Point Exam Location Guide:

Arrive in plenty of time, read the questions carefully and plan your time in the exam appropriately.

Got brain freeze?

If you don’t know or can’t remember something, don’t panic! Leave a gap and move on - if you have time, you can go back to it. If your mind goes completely blank, breathe and think back to a lecture, tutorial or lab where you learned about the topic. Try to relax and think of any words, phrases or facts at all, as this will lead to you remembering others.

Online study resources for UG students

The LearnBetter online course is designed to help you develop a range of academic skills and includes useful information on revision and exams.

Online study resources for PG students

Advice and resources for postgraduate students on revising, preparing and sitting your exams.