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Unmasking Covid: What has Covid done to us?  

Book your place at the Unmasking Covid event, hosted by the University Chaplaincy.

The Unmasking Covid event is a rare and important opportunity to reflect communally and cross-culturally on the Covid-19 pandemic. At the event, speakers will reflect on the pandemic and look for language, symbols and activities to help us process what has happened, recreate community, and come to understand ourselves and our world better.   

Speakers at the event include novelist Sarah Moss, Lecturer Yujun Xu and others. 

Details of the event 

Date: Thursday 2 February 

Time: 9.15–11am. Refreshments will be available from 9am.  

Location: Chaplaincy Centre auditorium, 1 Bristo Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9AL  

Register for the event 

The event is open to all University members and members of the public. 

Book your place  

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