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LastPass password management now available to staff

The University is running an extended pilot of LastPass Enterprise and it is now available to all staff.

Choosing Passwords

LastPass is a password management solution that helps you to generate strong and secure passwords, store and manage them safety, and autofill your credentials.

This reduces the need to remember multiple passwords and means you can use different ones for each site you log in to. It also helps prevent different types of cyber-attack.

Although not mandatory to use, LastPass is available to staff as a service to help improve their online security.

LastPass Enterprise

With LastPass Enterprise staff are able to access their own secure vault which will allow you to add, view and manage your work and personal passwords. Additional features of LastPass include:

  • Access anywhere – whether you are using your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, your account will be backed up and synced to your device whenever you need it
  • Team sharing – share access securely between co-workers and teams
  • Personal accounts – you can link a work and personal LastPass account, giving you access to all of your logins in one place
  • Automatic form completion – LastPass can also store your contact information so that you can automatically populate online forms

LastPass can be added as an extension to your web browser on your computer, or as an App on your mobile phone.

Next steps

If you wish to use LastPass Enterprise on your University supported device, complete this online form and an account activation email will be sent to you. If you have any questions, please contact the IS helpline.

If you wish to set up a LastPass personal account, or download the app for an unsupported machine or for mobile, then you can go to LastPass directly to do so at the link below.

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