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Susan Kivlin (1966-2014)

Colleagues in the School of Engineering remember Susan Kivlin

Susan Kivlin

Susan Kivlin joined the Department of Electrical Engineering in 1986 as a technician. 

One of the first women in the department, she became known very quickly for both her highly proficient support of staff and students, and for her forthright style. 

Throughout her 28 years’ service, she nurtured many generations of students who benefited from her professionalism and kindness. 

Susan knew every one of the Electronic Engineering students by name and background, supporting them in their electronics studies; in particular, helping those who, despite their diligence, had difficulties for whatever reason. 

She was always ready to listen, especially to anyone in any kind of distress, offering kind words, sympathy, and good advice.  Equally, she did not tolerate laziness and provoked lazy students to work harder. 

She ran the labs with a rod of iron but a heart of gold, she was funny, kind-hearted and infinitely reliable. 

Susan was a great friend to everyone in the School of Engineering, the students, cleaners, technicians, clerical staff and academics equally.  

She was always very positive in her attitude and had a smile for everyone.

Susan’s ambition was to do an excellent job and though never stated, her mission was simply about contributing to the student experience and the School community. 

This was what made Susan happy and the School benefitted hugely from her work with undergraduates, project students and academics alike. 

Her loss is felt very deeply by us all.  She will not be forgotten.