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Paid social science studies open to staff

The Behavioural Laboratory at the University of Edinburgh is currently looking for people to participate in paid studies in social sciences.

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Researchers at the Behavioural Laboratory at the University of Edinburgh (BLUE) study how people make decisions in a variety of contexts.

Studies typically last between 1 and 2 hours and are mostly computer-based. No prior knowledge of social sciences is required.

On average, monetary compensation of £10-15 per hour is paid to study participants.

Social science research

BLUE was launched in March 2013.

Its primary objective is to promote and facilitate experimental research by social scientists at the University.

The laboratory is located at the School of Economics, 31 Buccleuch Square, EH8 9JT, Edinburgh. Find BLUE on the map

Our goal is to understand the key drivers of people's decisions across many domains: from health-related choices, to decisions involving money and views on the Scottish independence, our studies relate to a broad range of topics in Social Sciences.

Professor Michèle BelotProfessor of Economics and Director of the Behavioural Laboratory at the University of Edinburgh

Register your interest

Members of staff who are interested in getting involved in paid studies at BLUE are encouraged to register their interest. To register, please email

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