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European policy website launched

Staff are invited to contribute to a new University website focusing on European policy discussion.

The blog, European Futures, is an online platform that will share thought-provoking commentary on, and insightful analysis of, Europe and European affairs. Contributors will include academics and practitioners from around the world.

It aims to contribute evidence and informed commentary to the public debate leading up to the referendum on UK membership of the European Union (EU).

The editors welcome staff contributions, particularly from colleagues who don’t instinctively situate themselves in European studies. They hope to build on the way many staff engaged with the Scottish referendum in 2014.

Get involved

You can contact European Futures to contribute via email or online:

The team is also on Twitter: @EuropeanFutures.


European Futures’ mission is to imagine Europe’s potential futures. Its focus includes the politics, economics and law of European integration, in the EU and in other multilateral organisations, and those of European states, including wider Europe and the European neighbourhood.

European Futures is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Impact Acceleration Account awarded to the University, and is run in collaboration with the Europa Institute.