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Divestment plan

The University has confirmed plans are on track to divest from the activities of three of the world's biggest fossil fuel producers.

The action is the latest step in a process that began when changes to the fossil fuel investment policy were agreed by the University Court in May.

In late May, the University wrote to three companies involved in coal or tar sands production stating its intention to divest. The companies were given four weeks to respond. That time period has elapsed and the University has confirmed that it will go ahead with its plans to divest.

The divestment process is expected to be complete within six months.


The Investment Committee has reiterated the University's commitment to prioritising low or zero-carbon investments by identifying and replacing investments with lower carbon alternatives where available.

It will also press companies across its investment portfolio to reduce their carbon emissions. Through its research and teaching activity the University will continue to explore alternative sources of renewable energy and to develop low carbon technologies.