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Court meeting: 21 September 2015

The University Court had its most recent meeting on 21 September.

We publish regular updates on matters discussed at all Court meetings, during which members consider matters of strategic importance to the University.

Meetings of the Court are held five times a year.

Governing body

The Court is the University’s governing body and its legal persona.

With a focus on strategic direction, it takes the final decisions on issues of fundamental concern to the wellbeing of the University.

Detailed information on the membership and activities of the University Court, including meeting agendas, papers and minutes, is available online.

Detailed information on University Court

Summary of Court meeting: 21 September 2015

The following reports are summaries of a selection of items discussed and agreed on at Court on 21 September.

The meeting’s agenda and papers are available online.

Agenda and papers

New Court members

Court warmly welcomed Dr Alan Brown and Mr Ritchie Walker as elected General Council Assessors to Court, both for four year terms until 2019.

Court membership webpage

Assistant Principals

Court approved the following appointments and renewals of Assistant Principals:

Professor Alan Murray
Assistant Principal Academic Support until 30 September 2018
Professor Susan Rhind
Assistant Principal Assessment and Feedback until 30 September 2018
Professor Lesley McAra

Assistant Principal Community Relations until 30 September 2018

Mr Kevin Collins

Assistant Principal Industry Engagement extended until December 2018

Professor John Smyth

Honorary Assistant Principal Cancer Research Development extended until July 2017

Assistant Principals

Student experience, teaching and learning

Court considered the results of the 2015 National Student Survey and discussed the student experience, teaching and learning at the University with senior representatives from all three Colleges. Members welcomed the intention to emphasise the importance of the student experience by the University’s leadership, recognise and reward outstanding teaching, challenge any poor practice as appropriate, celebrate the best learning and teaching practice and simplify the regulation and organisation of teaching and the assessment of learning.

Responsible investment - armaments

Court approved a policy to exclude any investment in companies involved in the manufacture of controversial weapons.

Armaments news item

Outcome Agreement - self-evaluation of 2014/15 Agreement

The University’s annual self-evaluation of its performance against its Outcome Agreement measures agreed with the Scottish Funding Council was endorsed, with the report to be finalised by late October.

Outcome agreements

Other items

Court welcomed the improved completion rates for staff annual reviews and reviewed its own effectiveness over the 2014/15 academic year. An update on progress with a proposed City Deal for the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region was received.

Court also received reports from the following Committees: Policy and Resources, Exception and Audit and Risk and approved an annual statement to the Scottish Funding Council on Institution-led Review and Enhancement Activity for 2014/15.

Further information on the remit and work of Court and its Committees can be found online.

Court and its Committees

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