Staff news

Childcare voucher changes

Members and potential members of the University's Childcare Voucher Scheme are advised that two significant changes are to be introduced this year.

Staff who wish to use childcare vouchers after July 2015 will either have to sign up with a UK Government-provided scheme or switch to the University's new voucher provider.

Options and actions

From autumn 2015, staff will have the option of joining the UK Government's new Tax-free Childcare scheme.

Tax-free Childcare will be available to eligible employees across the UK.

Colleagues who wish to stay with the University's Childcare Voucher Scheme after autumn 2015 will have to re-register with the University's new voucher provider, Edenred, which will replace Sodexo. They are asked to do so by 12 June.

New University Childcare Voucher Scheme members must also register with Edenred by 12 June.

Salary exchange

Childcare voucher schemes allow working parents to exchange a proportion of their salary for vouchers before their usual tax and National Insurance contributions are taken.

The vouchers are then used to pay a registered childcare provider.

Further information

Further details about the Childcare Voucher Scheme and Tax-free Childcare, including eligibility requirements, can be found online.

In the coming months, Human Resources will provide further information on timescales and guidance on how to re-register with Edenred.

In the meantime, staff can email queries to HR Business Systems.