Staff news

Senate nominations wanted

The University is seeking nominations from university researchers and demonstrators for membership of the Senate.

The Senate is the University’s most senior academic body and has responsibility for overseeing learning and teaching.

Membership includes all professors, together with a range of representatives from across the staff and student body.


These vacancies are open to all researchers and demonstrators who have been employed by the University on or before 31 January 2011.

Please note this call is not aimed at lecturers, senior lecturers or readers. Colleges arrange representation by staff in these categories.

The nomination process

Any researcher or demonstrator interested in becoming a member of Senate must complete and return a nomination form.

The closing date for nominations is 26 April 2011.

Further information and nominations forms are available from the Senate webpages.

In the unlikely event that the number of nominations received exceeds the number of vacancies, a poll will be conducted.