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The composition of the Senatus is set out in University Ordinance 204 and is as follows:

  • The Principal & Vice-Chancellor. The Principal is President of the Senatus, with a deliberative and casting vote.
  • All Professors of the University
  • Elected non-professorial representatives of readers, senior lecturers and lecturers.
  • Elected representatives of University demonstrators and research staff
  • Elected student representatives.
  • Ex-officio members, who are not already in any of the categories above, these include: Vice-Principals, Heads of Colleges, up to five senior figures appointed from each one of the three Colleges, the University Librarian, the Director of Edinburgh University Computing Service, Heads of Schools within Colleges and up to nine other members holding a University or College office (other than those specified above).

Senate Membership Nominations

The University is seeking nominations from university researchers and demonstrators for membership of the Senate.

Senatus Assessors on Court

The Senatus elects from its membership four Senatus Assessors to serve on the University Court, of whom at least one must be a Professor and at least one a non-professorial member of the teaching staff. The following Senate members are the current Senatus on Court:

Professor J Ansell (2010-2012 and re-elected 2012-2016)

Dr M Aliotta (2008-2012 and re-elected 2012-2016)

Professor Sarah Cooper (2014-2018)

Dr Claire Phillips (2014-2018)

University Ordinance 204

Election of Senate Assessors on the University Court - March 2016

An election will take place on 16 and 17 March 2016 to appoint two ordinary-term (1 August 2016 to 31 July 2020) Senate Assessors on the University Court. All Senate members are entitled to vote. Further information on the election can be found here:

Election of Senate Assessors on the University Court, 16 and 17 March 2016