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Science outreach recognised

Aubrey Manning, Emeritus Professor of Natural History, has been awarded the inaugural 2011 RSE Beltane Senior Prize for Public Engagement.

Professor Aubrey Manning

Edinburgh PhD student Joanna Brooks won the RSE Beltane Innovator’s Prize for Public Engagement.

Encouraging engagement

The prizes were set up jointly by the Royal Society of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Beltane to reward excellence in engaging the public with academic research.

The Senior Prize is awarded to someone with a successful track record of public engagement.

The Innovator’s Prize is granted to individuals who are recognised as an emerging talent in the field.

BBC broadcaster

Professor Manning’s career at the University of Edinburgh has spanned four decades, from assistant lecturer in zoology in 1956 to his retirement in 1997 as Chair of Natural History.

Professor Manning has brought earth sciences to the wider public through a number of series on BBC television and radio.

Interactive competition

Psychology PhD researcher Joanna Brooks visited UK schools last year with her innovative Brainology Tour.

Joanna is also launching an interactive science competition for young people and is looking for University of Edinburgh scientists to get involved in judging.

Contact Joanna for more information.

Joanna Brooks

PhD research student

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