Report highlights Scotland’s climate tech strengths

Scotland’s climate tech sector generates more than £15 billion each year and employs around 30,000 people, a University report has found.

Image showing part of an offshore wind farm off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland

Almost 600 companies that use technology to help tackle climate change are registered or headquartered in Scotland, according to the analysis by the Edinburgh Climate Change Institute (ECCI).

The report – commissioned by Scottish Enterprise – provides key insights into the scale and make-up of Scotland’s climate tech sector.

Growing sector

It concludes that Scotland is in a position of strength to benefit from growth of the global climate tech sector. Key advantages include the country’s combination of technological expertise, world-leading research institutions, strong policy commitments, and its wealth of natural assets.

The report also makes recommendations on how businesses can secure a share of the $1.5 to 2 trillion of annual investment estimated to be available to climate tech companies by 2025.

The team behind the report brought together intersecting expertise from across the University. It included researchers and practitioners from ECCI, the Centre for Business, Climate Change and Sustainability, Edinburgh Futures Institute and Edinburgh Earth Initiative.

Tech investors

Publication of the report comes ahead of an investor showcase event in London – hosted by Scottish Enterprise – involving ten pioneering Scottish climate tech companies.

The event on Monday 12 June will give companies the opportunity to pitch to international climate-focused investors.

It takes place at London Tech Week, a week-long festival showcasing how tech is transforming business and society.

Climate centre

ECCI is a leading centre for research, teaching, policy and practice around action on climate change.

An interdisciplinary hub for researchers, policy makers, businesses, students and educators, ECCI aims to deliver evidence-based climate action across Scotland, the UK and beyond.

Scottish Enterprise is Scotland’s national economic development agency. It supports businesses to help transform the Scottish economy by focusing on new market opportunities through targeted investment, innovation and internationalisation.

Our analysis shows the value climate tech is bringing to Scotland in terms of building companies and attracting investment. The findings also highlight the huge future potential of climate tech in terms of both creating opportunities and leading the way in climate innovation. With the right enabling support in policy and investment, climate tech can deliver growth, job opportunities and benefits to communities across Scotland while making us a global leader in tackling climate change.

Jamie BroganHead of Climate Partnerships, Edinburgh Climate Change Institute (ECCI)

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