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Welcoming Dr Nezha Benabdallah to the Institute of Genetics and Cancer

Dr Nezha Benabdallah, geneticist and cancer researcher, joins the Institute of Genetics and Cancer as a new principal investigator: February 2024

Dr Nezha Benabdallah, Institute of Genetics and Cancer, University of Edinburgh.
Dr Nezha Benabdallah, Institute of Genetics and Cancer, University of Edinburgh.

We are delighted to be welcoming Dr Nezha Benabdallah to the Institute. Nezha is a distinguished figure in sarcoma research and chromatin biology. She joins us from the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg (Germany) to lead a new Chromatin Regulators in Cancer research group.

Dr Benabdallah's academic journey began with a Master's in Genetics in Paris, followed by a PhD focusing on chromatin and gene expression at the MRC HGU, where she was an ESRIC fellow. Her postdoctoral journey at EMBL in Heidelberg enhanced her proficiency in microscopy techniques, after which she joined the German Cancer Centre on a DKFZ Postdoctoral Fellowship, dedicating her efforts to cancer biology. Her remarkable research has recently earned her the prestigious Young Talent Award from the National Decade Against Cancer in Germany.

The research in Dr Benabdallah’s lab will concentrate on examining fusion-driven sarcomas, aiming to unravel the complexities of chromatin and epigenetic dysregulation. Positioned at the intersection of chromatin behaviour, epigenetic modulation, and disease processes, her work promises to advance our understanding of gene regulation mechanisms and provide new insights into cancer biology.

I am thrilled to be joining the vibrant community at the University of Edinburgh. It is with great enthusiasm that I embrace my new role within the Institute of Genetics and Cancer, an institution celebrated for its ground-breaking research in rare disease mechanisms. Our laboratory is eager to reinforce and expand the Institute's esteemed research, focusing on the intricate molecular mechanisms of gene (de)regulation and cancer development. I am enthusiastic about the prospect of engaging in this new research landscape and fostering collaborative relationships.

Dr Nezha BenabdallahUniversity of Edinburgh

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