Molecular Pathology Node


Edinburgh-St Andrews Consortium for Molecular Pathology, Informatics and Genome Sciences.

The Edinburgh-St Andrews Molecular Pathology Node will integrate state-of-the-art genomic and epigenomic methods with image analysis of complex phenotypes and bioinformatics to develop molecular diagnostics for use in mainstream medicine.


The main aims of the Node are to:

  1. establish and develop a Masters by Research Programme in Molecular Pathology to build capacity by training a new generation of molecular pathologists capable of handling modern genome-analysis approaches to diagnosis and treatment of human disease
  2. develop new diagnostic tests for implementation in clinical practice, utilising the advantages of novel technologies by focusing on assays deriving from genome sciences, informatics and image analysis
  3. ensure that protocols and assays developed are widely applicable and rapidly translated for medical use in a clinical setting, by engaging closely with the NHS, UK NEQAS, industry and academia

Masters by Research Programme

Within the framework of a purpose-designed Masters by Research Programme in Molecular Pathology, we will develop and integrate genome and imaging-based methods to implement new diagnostic methods in healthcare and to produce and sustain a generation of "genomically-skilled" pathologists who will be leaders in the introduction of these methods into routine practice for the next generation of doctors and scientists.


Our research will focus on areas of medical need where we believe genome-based assays will most rapidly enter the clinic, particularly the genetic diagnosis of acutely ill children and babies, genetic diagnosis in foetuses with congenital malformations, inherited subtypes of common diseases in adults, and the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with cancer through development of "liquid biopsies" from cell-free DNA in circulating blood.

Further details

Details of the Edinburgh-St Andrews Molecular Pathology Node grant on the RCUK website