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Our fitness to practise process.

Two students sitting in the Chancellors Building having a conversation

Edinburgh Medical School expects students to display standards of professional behaviour alongside those behaviours expected of all students of the University.

Meeting these standards is a requirement for graduation and the University will not award a degree where it has reason to believe that an individual has not developed and maintained a professional attitude.

Most professionalism concerns raised can be resolved by the Medical School by providing students with appropriate supportive measures, enabling students to gain an insight into their challenges and to address these without detriment to their programme or professional career.

All students are monitored under a low-level concerns reporting system and any issue raised will be addressed by the Medical School’s Adjudication Panel.

However, there are some instances, either one-off incidents or persistent issues, which cannot be resolved by supportive measures nor through the Code of Student Conduct. These are therefore progressed to the Fitness to Practise Committee. The Fitness to Practise (FtP) process should be seen as a supportive one and will not necessarily mean you will not be able to practise as a doctor.

For more information on fitness to practice procedures, download the document below.

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