Edinburgh Local

Delivering on what we promise

The University is committed to carrying out the actions of this plan between 2020 and 2025 and, as a University plan, it will require the whole institution to live up to these commitments.

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We will be open and transparent with our local communities about who is responsible for delivering aspects of this Plan, how we are measuring and evaluating ourselves, and how members of the community can contact us if any issues arise.

In order to achieve our aims, we will:

  • Highlight our Community Plan and its activities to Edinburgh City Region residents using our dedicated community-focused communications channels.
  • Reform our Community Board to increase representation from colleagues across the whole institution, as well as community partners.
  • Publish information and contact details of the members of the Community Board and Community Team who are responsible for the implementation of this Plan.
  • Undertake a social impact survey to measure our impact and make sure we are meeting our social and civic responsibilities.
  • Publish an annual report detailing the progress made against the commitments in this plan, and a final report after five years.