Department of European Languages and Cultures

Editorial committee - Issue Two

Babble's editorial committee for the Autumn Semester 2018 / Babble Issue Two.

The Babble editorial committee is made up of students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) and staff from all six areas of European Languages and Cultures.

This is the committee for Semester One (Autumn) 2018 / Babble Issue Two.

French and Francophone studies

Student members:

Lydia Lowe (Year Two) - Chief Student Editor

Lucy Copeland-Tucker (Year One)

Melissa English (Year One)

Abigail Gornall (Year One)

Ilana Pearce (Year One)

Megan Jones (Year Two)

Alex Ransome (Year Two)

Anna Stoiljkovic (Year Two)

Kayla Gaze (Year Four)

Eilidh Latto (Year Four)

Catriona Keay (Year Four)

Staff members:

Fabien Arribert-Narce

Audrey Debard  


Student members:

Giacomo Mallucci Harper (Year Four) - Chief Student Editor (joint)

Nataliya Nosenko (Year Four) - Chief Student Editor (joint)

Daniele Falcioni (second year PhD candidate)

Staff members:

Marco Palone

Carlo Pirozzi


Student members:

Juliana Galloway (Year Two) - Chief Student Editor

Tara Haworth (Year Two)

Cerys Maidment (Year Two)

Kyla Pinkard (Year Four)

Staff members:

Julia Feike


Student members:

Charlotte Chalkley (Year Four) - Chief Student Editor (joint)

Anita Lekova (Year Four) - Chief Student Editor (joint)

Annie Healion (Year Four)

Staff members:

Ekaterina Popova


Staff members:

Julie Larsen - Chief Editor for Swedish, Norwegian and Danish

Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American studies

Student members:

Laura Newton (Year Four; Spanish) - Chief Student Editor for Spanish

Taylor Zienkiewicz (Year Four; Portuguese) - Chief Student Editor for Portuguese

Eilish Newmark (Year Two; Spanish)

Ella Sowerbutts (Year Two; Spanish)

Charlotte Clarke (Year Four; Spanish)

Keziah Young (Year Four; Spanish)

Mario Saborido Beltrán (First year PhD candidate; Spanish)

Rosa Ross (Second year PhD candidate; Spanish)

Staff members:

Elena Sanz Ortega