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A Guid Hairst

"A Guid Hairst": Collecting and Archiving Scottish Tradition, edited by Katherine Campbell, Will Lamb, Neill Martin, and Gary West (Maastricht: Shaker Publishing, 2013).

The volume contains articles from around 20 contributors.

List of Contents

Introduction, Gary J. West

Dr Margaret A. Mackay: A Personal Appreciation from a Hungarian Colleague and Friend, Imola Küllös

Dr Margaret A. Mackay: A Biography, Katherine Campbell

Music and Song

Two True Thomases: Scottish and American Versions of Child 73, Carl Lindahl

Foot-Waulking - Luadh-Chas, Morag MacLeod

Geordie McIntyre: A Singer Who Writes Songs, Caroline Milligan

Fred Locke: Pantomime Author, Adam T. McNaughtan

From ‘Maggie’s Reel’ to ‘Da Docken Kishie’: Names of Selected Fiddle Tunes by Tom Anderson, Doreen Waugh

Some Thoughts on the Song Melodies in Elizabeth Ross’s Collection of ‘Original Highland Airs’, 1812, Peter Cooke

From Eleventh-Century Mass Chants to St Mungo’s ‘Emulorum ausibus’: A Journey with a Difference, Greta-Mary Hair

The Scots and Gaelic Languages

Using the Dictionary of the Scots Language to Explore Folklore and Customs, Christine Robinson

‘Chan eil e even ann an Dwelly’s!’: The Continuing Legacy of Edward Dwelly’s Gaelic Dictionary, Wilson McLeod

Recitation or Re-Creation? A Reconsideration: Verbal Consistency in the Gaelic Storytelling of Duncan MacDonald, William Lamb

The King, the Goddess and Family Origins in Galloway, William Gillies

Collecting Tradition

Ruins in a Landscape: The Interpretation of Material Culture, Hugh Cheape

Wedders, Stallions and Stirks: Some Coastal Toponyms from Gaelic Scotland, Ian A. Fraser

Reminiscences of the School of Scottish Studies of the University of Edinburgh, John MacInnes

Archive Trails, Cathlin Macaulay and Emily Roff

The Concept of Rescue Ethnography and the Recording of Some Scottish Wedding Customs, Emily Lyle

Gender Roles in 1930s Port Glasgow as Experienced by Cassie Graham, Hugh Hagan

Keeping to the Road: Keeping Faith with Their Traditions. An Account of the Scottish Showmen Travelling in the North-East of Scotland, Elizabeth Jordan

Intangible Cultural Heritage, or Folklore as Resource, Valdimar Hafstein

‘The Sound of Your Lyre Turned Spiritually’: Evangelical Poets, Scribes and Letter-Writers in Nova Scotia and Tiree, Donald E. Meek

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Tocher Volume 59

This edition contains a selection from the fieldwork of Emily Lyle including features on milking, seaweed collecting, waulking, the Denholm ba game, pioneer life in Australia, canntaireachd, Gaelic songs from Barra, harvest and funeral customs.

Boats, Fishing and the Sea: A Compendium of Scottish Ethnology, Volume 4.

Edited by James R. Coull, Alexander Fenton and Kenneth Veitch

Boats, Fishing and the Sea traces the long-standing relationship between Scotland, the Scots and the sea from the early historic period to the present day. The coastal environment, traditional and modern boat- and shipbuilding and maritime trade are explored, as are the various types of fishing that have been practised in Scotland over the centuries.

Comprising twenty-six chapters, this multi-authored volume shows that, as a medium of contact, a highway for trade, and an important source of food, the sea has had a deep and lasting influence not only on everyday life and society in Scotland, but also on Scotland's development as a nation.

The book is available from Birlinn and at other book sellers.