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Growing recognition for QuPath software led from the IGC

QuPath’s importance for research highlighted by workshops, talks, announcements, downloads, and an awards ceremony at the House of Lords.

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QuPath is open-source software designed to help scientists analyse complex images for basic biology and biomedical research. Created by Dr Pete Bankhead and first released in 2016, QuPath is now developed by Pete’s research group based in CGEM.


QuPath’s growing importance to the global research community has been keeping the team busy, with numerous events and milestones in recent months.


In October, Pete travelled to San Diego, along with group members Fiona Inglis and Thibaut Goldsborough, to participate in the 3rd QuPath workshop held at the La Jolla Institute for Immunology. The event was attended by approximately 100 researchers from both industry and academia, with recordings made available on YouTube.


Watch the recordings for the La Jolla Institute Workshop here (external link)


The workshop was followed by Pete giving an invited talk on QuPath’s application to multiplexed image analysis at the Quantitative BioImaging Society’s meeting in San Diego.


October ended with QuPath featuring in Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ global announcement for new MacBook Pros, as an example of analysis software widely used by scientists.


On 20th November, Pete gave another invited talk ‘Why I use QuPath for lots of things (but not for everything)’ at the Crick BioImage Analysis Symposium in London, before heading to the House of Lords to represent the software at the OpenUK Awards ceremony, hosted by Lord Vaizey. The OpenUK Awards celebrate the UK’s Open Technology community, and QuPath was a runner up in the ‘Software’ category.


December saw the release of QuPath v0.5.0, the latest major update. In its first 3 months of availability, v0.5.0 has been downloaded 40,000 times – contributing to a total of almost 450,000 downloads across all versions. The original paper describing QuPath also reached a new milestone, being cited 1,000 times throughout 2023. This represents 1/3 of the total citations since initial publication in 2017.


2024 has started with Pete giving invited talks on QuPath at the Pathological Society Winter Meeting (London) and the CRUK Scotland Centre (Glasgow). The group are currently working on the next version of QuPath, including new AI-based analysis methods, for release later in the year.


As computational researchers who are committed to open science, we spend our time developing, sharing, and supporting novel analysis methods. The value of our work comes from what it enables other scientists to do, so we’re delighted and motivated to see QuPath used in so many different parts of the research community.

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