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Manuscripts of Works by Edwin Muir

This page lists literary manuscripts by Edwin Muir held by Edinburgh University Library. They include individual poems, working materials for prose works, and notes for lectures.


We hold manuscripts for the following individual poems by Muir:

  • ‘The Alternative’ (195-?), TS (E87.47)
  • ‘The Founder Found’ (later ‘The Question’) (1941), TS (Gen 767/12)
  • ‘The Guess’ (1941), TS (Gen 767/12)
  • ‘Ibsen’ (1937), MS (Gen 2104/6/6)
  • ‘The Prize’ (1941), TS (Gen 767/12)
  • ‘To the Old Gods’ (1941), TS (Gen 767/12)
  • ‘The Voyage: For Eric Linklater' (1945), TS with MS corrections (Gen 2104/6/2-3)

Prose Works

We hold working materials for the following volumes of essays:

  • The Estate of Poetry (1955-56), TS (Gen 1971/1)
  • We Moderns (1918), MS of preface and list of contents only, signed 'Edward Moore' (Dc.4/101-03)

We also hold a copy of Edwin Muir's Latitudes (1924) with extensive MS margin notes by both Edwin and Willa Muir (Gen 1972).

Lecture Notes

We hold notes in Muir's hand for the following lectures given while serving as Warden of Newbattle Abbey College (1950-55):

  • ‘The Decay of the Imagination’, MS (E87.47)
  • ‘Impressions of Italy’, MS (E87.47)
  • ‘Scottish Culture and Adult Imagination’, MS (E87.47)

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